The Ins and outs of the Odoo 17 Master Production’s Scheduler

June 29, 2024

Odoo 17’s Master Production Scheduler is one of the best tools for manufacturing firms concerning their production planning and scheduling policies. By doing so, the firms can guarantee they are meeting the needs of their clients, and at the same time work on increasing efficiency in the utilisation of resources during the provision of these services, and reduce cost tremendously. The applications can be based on sales orders, inventory, and demand forecasts where users can make production schedules that are based on lead time, manufacturing capacity as well as material availability. Real-time data interchange and end-to-end supply chain intelligence possible through the MPS’s module connections with Sales, Purchasing, and Inventory. Therefore, the MPS supports organizations’ goals to enhance productivity, organizational processes, and agility in response to clients’ demands.

In this blog, you get a detail understanding, along with a breakdown of all the available options in Odoo 17 Manufacturing Module’s Master Production Scheduler. Setting up of the Odoo Master Production Scheduler The “Master Production Schedule” is under the “Planning” tab of the Odoo 17 Manufacturing Module’s “Settings. As shown in the image below, this is where you enable the Master Production Scheduler feature.


The number of periods constantly presented, as well as the time interval for the Master Production Scheduler (MPS)—Monthly, Weekly, or Daily—may be specified inside the MPS options after the option shown

Master Production Scheduler In Odoo for Planning

Using the “Master Production Schedule” option from the “Planning” menu will launch the planning process for a new master production schedule.


By selecting the “Rows” option from the advanced search box, users can alter the information that appears in the MPS view, as shown in the example below.This allows customers to set numerous parameters such as; Forecasted Stock, the Avail-able to Promise, To Replenish, Actual Replenishment, the Indirect Demand Forecast, and the Starting Inventory among others.


Choosing a Manufacturing Path

Manufacturing Modes for a Product There are several “Routes” of operation for a necessary product that must set to “Manufacture” within the MPS for Odoo to automatically create a manufacturing order when the item is replenished.You can modify this setting by going to the “Inventory tab” of the specific product configuration form view from the “Products” menu, as shown in the image below.


Including a New Item in MPS

The “Add a Product” button makes it easier to add a new product to the Master Production Schedule by presenting a form box where users may enter product details including the product’s Name, Bill of Materials, and Production Warehouse.

To optimize the stocks, other factors such as; Target Safety Stock, Stock to order, and Stock not to exceed are set. As shown in the previous screenshot, once the user is done, they can click save to save the proposed changes.


This new product will immediately posted on the MPS dashboard where users can see details of the product’s stock holding for the coming one year, and monthly refreshed data. If the MOS number suggested for replenishment for adjusted manually, a small x at the left side of the cell. If the MOS number suggested for replenishment for adjusted manually, a small x at the left side of the cell. In the “Suggested Replenishment” area, users can view proposed replenishment quantities, manually enter expected demand in the “Forecasted Demand” column, and view the projected stock available at the conclusion of each period in the “Forecasted Stock” field, as shown below.


Bringing Back a Product

The amount for various periods will automatically calculated after the “Forecasted Demand”. Clicking the “Replenish” button will initiate the replenishments depending on lead times (manufacturing or vendor lead times), which in green.

If you choose the “Replenish” option, Odoo will create a production or purchase order if the movement of the goods in the operational path. These order availed in the Manufacturing Orders portal with MPS as the source of the orders


If the Suggested Replenishment amount by the user, the cell with the label on the left side of the cell will display a small cross. Click the cross to go back to the value that Odoo calculated automatically.

master production scheduler

The Suggested Replenishment line’s cells display different colors to represent various scenarios:


Based on demand and indirect demand estimates, this indicates the number of suggested products for replenishment in order to reach the anticipated safety stock.


Command response shows the generation of a replenishment order and the stability of its accuracy with the latest information; or the denominator as the volume incorporating the latest data.


This implies that even though the system has generated a replenishment order, the order amount is higher than the current stock in the database.


This implies that it is a replenishment order; however, this means that we create an order for it. depending on the given information, the amount of interdisciplinary collaboration is reported to be low, In addition, red cells can appear in the Forecasted Stock line what signifies the fact that stock levels are predicted to decrease in the specified time period.

In conclusion, one can mention that Odoo 17 has come up with the feature of an MSP, and it used to enhance the efficacy of production and decrease the number of stages in an organization. It may help users get a grip on the industrial operations and provide high chances of success in aggressively competing with other market participants due to the improved schedule management, customers’ needs satisfaction, and resource usage efficiency with the help of its strong tools and easily operable with interface. For more information, please refer to Odoo Manufacturing’s Master Production Schedule

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