We will focus on the major integrations like Odoo CRM integration, Odoo accounting integration, etc with any 3rd party software like Tally, Salesforce, etc.

Seamlessly Unify Your Business Ecosystem with Transines

Odoo Integration is the art of harmonizing your business processes and operations within a single, comprehensive ecosystem. Imagine your business functions seamlessly synchronized, from customer interactions and sales to inventory management and accounting, all effortlessly orchestrated through a unified platform. With Odoo Integration, the power of a fully integrated system unlocks a new realm of efficiency, accuracy, and growth potential.

Needs Assessment

Understanding your business processes, goals, and challenges, our team performs a comprehensive needs assessment to identify the areas where integration can bring the most value and efficiency.

Competitive Pricing

Our prices are competitive yet we believe in serving and supporting the best to our clients without the complexity

Customer Satisfaction

Our motto is to satisfy our clients and develop solutions that match their expectations

Third-Party Integrations

As industry experts, our team can guide you in identifying the best integration methods, APIs, and connectors to ensure seamless communication between systems.


Popular Odoo Integration Operations

Odoo CRM Integration

Integration of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with other Odoo modules like sales, marketing, and customer service offers a comprehensive view of customer interactions and improves sales efforts.

Sales and E-Commerce Integration

We ensure that only authorized users can read your data to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and minimize the possibility of costly downtime

Odoo Accounting Integration

Automate the operations of accounts by integrating Odoo accounting with sales and procurement. This helps you reduce manual data entry and ensure accurate financial records.

Odoo Inventory Management Integration

 Integrating your inventory management with sales, purchases, and manufacturing processes optimizes stock levels, prevents stockouts, and automates reorder processes based on demand and supply data.

Odoo HR Management Integration

Accurate employee data, payroll processing, and compliance with labor regulations are assured by the integration of recruitment, onboarding, leave management, and payroll with other business functions. 

Odoo Also Supports The Integration Of Many More Features Such As,

  • Project Management Integration,
  • Odoo Marketing Automation Integration
  • Odoo Helpdesk Integration
  • Odoo Manufacturing Integration
  • Odoo Reporting and Analytics Integration



Our experienced team of Odoo consultants developed a unique expertise in Odoo ERP. We ensure you to always provide high-quality ERP solutions.

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With the right expertise and support, Odoo ERP solutions can help you transform your digital transformation quickly and successfully. Find out what we can do for you as a leading Odoo partner.

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Why choose Bassam for your ERP Implementation?


Swift Solutions

Get your ERP implemented and supported promptly, eliminating the wait for an ERP expert to travel to your location. This not only saves you time but also cuts costs.

Seasoned Expertise

We have acquired expertise across diverse technologies, industries, and application types to extend the most efficient and timely assistance to you.

Deeds, not Words

Your questions deserve straightforward answers. Our ERP consultants will not confuse you with technical jargon. We are here to help you understand technicalities in plain language

Business Insight

We craft, assess, and endorse ERP solutions with a keen eye on the business benefits they bring to your company, ensuring a seamless integration of technology and business objectives.

All-in-One ERP Companion

Covering all facets of your business, our ERP software handles CRM, sales, purchase, inventory, HR, accounting, and manufacturing, making us your complete ERP partner.

Satisfaction Assured

100% Satisfaction is a Guarantee we offer. Our commitment is to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services instills us to go that extra mile to make you happy. Enjoy a hassle-free ERP experience with us. 

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