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We have 24 years of experience dedicated Odoo Consultant for Odoo Customization and Customized ERP Development


A good architect helps you to design your dream home or office by understanding your budget and requirements. Transines plays a similar role by customizing your Odoo ERP and tailoring the solution to match the specific needs and workflows of your company. Our team supports you in modifying existing modules, adding new features, changing user interfaces, and integrating with third-party applications.


With in-depth knowledge of the platform’s capabilities to modify and extend Odoo effectively, Transines delivers a robust and customized solution.


The best Odoo ERP company in UAE with a proven track record our team effortlessly identifies customization needs and implements changes. Transines is equipped to troubleshoot any issues that arise during the process.


 A skilled partner considers the long-term implications of customization. They design solutions that can be easily upgraded with new Odoo releases, minimizing the risk of compatibility problems during system updates.

Transines, A Leading Odoo Customisation Support

A successful Odoo implementation and customization require careful planning, technical expertise, and a collaborative approach with a trusted Odoo partner.


Odoo’s Flexibility Allows it to Cater to a Wide Range of Industries. 


Customized Odoo ERP is the perfect tool to manage production, inventory, supply chain, and quality control processes in the manufacturing industry.

Supply Chain

Transines helps businesses to adapt customized Odoo to handle sales, purchases, logistics, inventory management, and customer relationship management (CRM).


In the world of AI, e-commerce is a minimum requirement for success. Odoo’s e-commerce customization supports the creation of online stores with personalized product offerings and customer experiences.


We help you bring all operations including patient management, appointment scheduling, medical records, and billing in healthcare facilities under a single control system with Odoo customization.


Tailored Odoo eases complexities involved in student enrollment, course management, scheduling, and academic administration.

Real Estate

Our team supports the customization of Odoo to manage property listings, real estate sales, customer interactions, and contracts for the growth of the real estate industry.



Our experienced team of Odoo consultants developed a unique expertise in Odoo Customization. We ensure you to always provide high-quality solutions.

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Hundreds of happy customers use Bassam Infotech’s Customized ERP to solve their problems in business. We are a company built on opensource Technologies. We have worked and contributed to multiple open source technologies in the past.

Why choose Bassam for your ERP Implementation?


Swift Solutions

Get your ERP implemented and supported promptly, eliminating the wait for an ERP expert to travel to your location. This not only saves you time but also cuts costs.

Seasoned Expertise

We have acquired expertise across diverse technologies, industries, and application types to extend the most efficient and timely assistance to you.

Deeds, not Words

Your questions deserve straightforward answers. Our ERP consultants will not confuse you with technical jargon. We are here to help you understand technicalities in plain language

Business Insight

We craft, assess, and endorse ERP solutions with a keen eye on the business benefits they bring to your company, ensuring a seamless integration of technology and business objectives.

All-in-One ERP Companion

Covering all facets of your business, our ERP software handles CRM, sales, purchase, inventory, HR, accounting, and manufacturing, making us your complete ERP partner.

Satisfaction Assured

100% Satisfaction is a Guarantee we offer. Our commitment is to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services instills us to go that extra mile to make you happy. Enjoy a hassle-free ERP experience with us. 

Custom ERP services and solutions for your business

Odoo Implementation

Odoo Implementation by Odoo experts…

Odoo Integration

We help you integrate Odoo ERP with any software…

Odoo Support

We support anyting realted to Opensource Odoo ERP…

Odoo Training

Odoo training from Experienced Odoo experts…

FAQ before choosing Odoo customization partner

What are all the Industries you have Customized Odoo?


Our senior Odoo developers have 13 years of experience customizing Odoo (Earlier Open ERP) and 22 years of experience in ERP for Manufacturing, Contracting, Real Estate, Logistics, Supply chain, Oil & Gas, and Retail.

How much should I pay for an Odoo ERP customization?

This purely depends on your expected output from the application, the number of users and so on…. An average Odoo implementation cost & Customization can be somewhere between 8k to 100k USD.

Why should I choose bassam infotech for ERP customization?

Whatever your business planning needs, Our Odoo Customization and support model is based on over 24 years of skills and experience. We’ve learned exactly how to set up your business operations, tweak your processes for results, and support these efforts over time as you need it. When you have special requirements, we work outside the box to understand the particulars and accommodate any challenge. We’re available by phone or email, with a 24-hour response

Should I choose stand alone ERP or customized ERP?

If stand alone ERP exactly fits your requirement, go for it. Unfortunately, no ERP can be used 100% without customizing

Why Odoo partners are better than freelancers for ERP customization?

As an Odoo partner we pride of a strong team of certified Python experts and Odoo consultants who hold expertise in this field. Our prices are competitive yet we believe in serving and supporting the best to our clients without the complexity. Our motto is to satisfy our clients and develop solutions that match their expectations