How to Track Website Orders in the Odoo Website App

July 5, 2024

The Odoo Website app is a business management solution that makes it simpler for transactions made on the website to tracked by organizing powerful tools for the management of orders online. It incorporates CRM, stock control, accounting, and e-business and possesses powerful order follow-up features for online stores. Odoo 17 includes order management, status, tracking, updates in one place, and interface with inventory. It turns all orders from online into a dashboard and serves as an assurance that the orders will processed at once and customers satisfied.

The order statuses that can created can also depend on the defined workflows, this can help in the timely completion of the custom order. This function is very useful, especially in tracking the orders received from the website and the existing stocks so that the fulfillment may not be a problem as it is done in Odoo 17. in this blog we are going to explore how to track your website orders in odoo web app Now, let’s face some steps of the order and payment management statuses typical for Odoo 17 e-commerce journey.

Note: Before going ahead one must set the Payment Provider used by the website and select a Shipping Partner from the settings of the Website Application.

Managing Website Orders: From Cart to Confirmation in Odoo Website App

An order’s life cycle starts when a client selects a certain product to ship in a cart and it results in the generation of a quotation. Such orders can easily managed through a web interface either the Website or Sales app of Odoo 17. For ease of processing, the orders can directed to a particular team or an individual SALES REP thus increasing responsibility and accuracy.

Selecting the desired product is the first process of managing or generating website orders. This one might selected from the “Products” tab in the “eCommerce” menu in the Odoo Website app demonstrated below.


Thus, you have to order, in the Shop from the website’s menu, the above-mentioned product.


Your new undetectable content:

Clicking on the ‘Add to Cart’ button puts the product into the order and then in order to check out and proceed to the Payments section, the ‘Checkout’ button, is clicked and the shipping address is to fill in the corresponding fields.


Last but not least choose the Payment Methods and Payment Providers and follow the payment process by going for the Pay Now option.


Then, we can see the payment and order completion details from the Odoo 17 Payment Information page, as shown below.

Handling Delivery Orders in Odoo 17 Website App


The Odoo 17 Website app generates a delivery order after creating a quotation that companies can manage by setting up options in the Inventory application. This makes it easier to handle and delivery to the customers thus expediting the whole system. A purchase cycle detailed in Odoo 17 e-commerce ‘Orders’, measures includes Order Number, Order Date, Customer, Website, Salesperson, Activities, Company, Total, and Invoice Status.


On the contrary, a mouse click on the specific orders column will open the order details form view. press the ‘Delivery’ smart button to open it. It is also possible to specify the tracking reference for the particular order within the Tracking Reference field placed in the Additional Info Tab Odoo 17 Web app, presented in the following picture


Thus, submit the tracking reference number following your company’s standards and confirm the delivery order by using the Validate button in the Odoo 17 Website app. 


Validating the order will display new Detailed Operations and Tracking smart buttons in the Odoo 17 Website app as shown below


Tracking Smart Button in Odoo 17

Press the Tracking smart button to see the tracking information on the website’s backend immediately. This will take you to the people tracking interface. Here, I have selected ‘FedEx US’ as the Shipping Partner for this order successfully. therefore, what comes as a surprise is the following tracking interface of FedEx, as illustrated in Odoo website app below.


Tracking Orders from the Website in Odoo 17 Website App

To track the delivery orders from your website interface, go to the Sales Orders inside the My Account session in the Odoo Website app


This will display all your order information, Here, let me select this order and see the Sales Information, Shipping & Invoicing Address, Products, etc. To obtain the tracking information, simply click on the link adjacent to the Tracking field given under the Last Delivery Orders session in the Odoo Website app shown below.


Opening the tracking link will redirect us to the tracking page of the specific shipping partner. As this is a demonstration of a sample delivery order, we will not see the complete tracking entries; however, Odoo 17 Website app’s tracking page as illustrated below.


Tracking website orders through the Odoo Website App covers more than just providing a better sales process, you can attain valuable insights into your sales patterns through this powerful application. Optimize your inventory management, and ensure the promptness of your deliveries. weather you are running a small business or or a major e-commerce platform, Odoo equips you with the necessary tools to surpass competitors and provide exceptional customer service. Initiate the utilization of the Odoo Website App today and witness a profound change in the manner in which you oversee your online orders.

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