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Odoo ERP services

Transines helps you dream big and realise every bit of your dream. Our team delivers the most sophisticated ERP solution, Odoo ERP, to help you scale up your business. Launched as TinyERP in 2005 by Fabien Panickaers, Odoo provides clients with the latest software updates and comprehensive customization support. Millions of users across the globe are depending on Odoo to boost sales, integrate services, streamline operations, amplify marketing, manage finance, build websites and customize and develop tools. Odoo makes ERP integration effortless by enabling third-party integration and integration with over tens of thousands of Odoo community applications. A cost-effective and modular ERP tool, Odoo is the finest ERP solution for many businesses.


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Odoo Implementation

Transines is a leading Odoo ERP implementation partner. Our team ensures a smooth transition to a new ERP solution. We have expertise in Odoo implementation and complete the implementation procedure guaranteeing success. Our team analyses your needs, customize the platform and integrate it with the apps. Transines is open to your requirements and always assesses your requirements accurately to provide the clients with the best solution. Configuring the ERP with your business and training and supporting your teammates also fall under our responsibility.

Odoo Customization

Every business is different and needs a unique ERP solution for managing operations. Odoo is a tool that can be customized to meet the requirements of individual customers. Transines follows strict measures to analyse the needs of the clients. Our experts identify the modules required to fulfil your tasks and customize the app to assure 100 per cent benefit to the team. We help our clients manage all their functionalities with a click.



Odoo is an open-source ERP that caters to the requirements of businesses of varying sizes and shapes. Transines serves all industries including:


Odoo is an open ERP platform used by millions of people. It is affordable and has all the latest features and functionalities. Odoo has community and enterprise editions and supports customization for business management.



Yes. Transines has an efficient team of IT professionals who are capable of smooth ERP implementation and ERP customization. Our team interacts with the clients and collects their requirements before the starting Odoo customization and implementation process.

Yes, Transines is a complete Odoo service provider that offers assistance for Odoo implementation, customization, integration, data migration and training. Our team also guarantees quick maintenance support for Odoo ERP.

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