HR and Payroll Management In Odoo 17

June 26, 2024

In today’s competing business landscape, Effective management of human resources and payroll is necessary. Odoo 17 offers a powerful solution designed to cut down these processes, providing a full suite of tools for HR and payroll management. From employee onboarding to payroll automation, Odoo 17 seamlessly integrates, enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy. By utilizing this powerful ERP system, businesses can ensure compliance, reduce administrative burdens, and focus on strategic growth. Discover how Odoo 17 can transform your HR and payroll management.

Payroll Enhancements in Odoo 17 That You Should Know

Attachments for Generic Salary

Users can generate salary attachments for several employees by using the Odoo Payroll module’s generic salary attachments capability. Additional pay is a feature or expense paid to an employee’s base pay. And, discounts, reimbursements, and certain other amounts not included in the salary package are examples of types of items in these attachments.

Types of Salary Structures in Order

The Payroll module can arrange and rank pay structures used by your company depending on the country. With this factor, organizations can manage employee wages according to local rules and traditions.

Salary Configurator Expiration

Expiration Date option users can specify an expiry date for offers generated through Salary Configurator. When firms desire to assign a specific time duration for special wage proposals that would like their workers to get, this tool becomes useful. If you are not aware, managers and HR specialists come up with this unique compensation package for individual employees or groups of employees using the Odoo salary configurator.

New or duplicate payroll plans

This tool allows users to create new payroll plans or duplicate existing ones. It does this by mimicking the rules that run with the original systems. It includes guidelines for pay components, accounts, conditions, and other details outlined in the first schedule. When developing an employee compensation system, HR professionals and employees will find this function particularly helpful. If you want to redesign an employee compensation system; you do not have to start from scratch when creating new rules.

Removal of contract history view

The standard list view now accessible directly from the employee form replaced the contract history view in the Odoo 17 upgrade. The record of individual employment is often referred to as contracts. Historical perspective. These documents contain information about job positions, pay, start and end dates of contracts, and any changes made to the terms of employment throughout time.

The Contract History View will no longer be available, and it has been consolidated into the Employee form, which should simplify and improve user experience. It should increase productivity and provide a standardized navigation structure so that users may become more accustomed to the system.

Human Resource Enhancements in Odoo 17 That You Should Know

Time Off Management

Notification On Time-Off Deletion:

Owing to unforeseen events or last-minute changes in plans, an employee may occasionally need to revoke or cancel their authorized time off. With the latest Odoo 17 version, if the authorized time off canceled or removed, the managers will informed right away.

Multiple Responsible Time Off Officers:

Requests for time off approved and managed by officials or designated persons in many organizations. Usually, those officials are in charge of ensuring that requests for time without work are treated effectively. ensure type Nonetheless, there could be instances in certain firms whilst more than one person are in charge of coping with go-away requests about that type. Multiple accountable officials may assigned to a certain sort of time without work with this Odoo functionality.


Appointments Integration:

When you set up an interview with a candidate, Odoo 17 automatically syncs the appointment with their profile. Every aspect of the planned interview including the date, time, place, and goal connected to the candidate’s file. Recruiters can immediately retrieve candidate information and verify meeting specifics, which makes it especially crucial.

Employee Management

HR Files Access Link

When an employee departs from the company or archived in Odoo for whatever reason (contract expiration, resignation, retirement, etc.), their data will saved for compliance and reference needs. A new feature of the latest Odoo 17 update allows employees to view their files and kept in the Odoo HR management software. Rather than giving them the files in person or sending them via email, a secure link will be shared


Odoo 17 offers many amazing features that can completely change your course like Controlling your HR department, Emphasis on performance, employee engagement, and legitimacy In compliance, these advancements enable HR professionals to perform their overall function more efficiently including hiring, onboarding, compensation, and documentation.

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