ChatGPT Integration With Odoo 17 | Odoo with OpenAI

June 27, 2024

In this blog, we are going to explore the Odoo – ChatGPT Connector, a powerful integration that combines the complete functionalities of Odoo ERP with the advanced natural language processing capabilities of OpenAI’s ChatGPT

Odoo – ChatGPT Connector

Everyone is already aware of ChatGPT’s capabilities. It is an Open AI chatbot. Natural language processing is the foundation for this model’s operation (NLP). Since natural language processing is a branch of deep learning, its pre-trained operation; employs statistical analysis to identify patterns in text and there after produces relevant responses. ChatGPT gives ai generated responses to user input that resemble that of a human. Any question we pose to the chatbot will answered with a Google-like response.. Even if we can request the program code for many problem kinds, we will receive the code in a different language. Here, we make use of chatGPT’s infinite functionality within Odoo ERP. We must integrate this application with Odoo in order to do that. After it’s over, we can ask the Odoo our questions as well

We can use the ChatGPT chatbot services in our website after the odoo chat integration module is developed. Launch the module for the website. There, you can see the ChatGPT menu that the connector module added. to use this odoo chat integration, you must first connect the module to the chatbot server using the relevant API key. This is because failing to do so will prevent the module from providing the replays we request, so you must also set this up before utilizing the chatGPT services.

ChatGPT API key configuring field

This field will show in the website module configuration settings. Kindly fill up this area correctly and save the settings. The configuration of the connection is now complete. Once the connection has created, close the setup settings, launch the website module, and select the ChatGPT option. After that, a search option and a submit button are visible. Type your questions in this space, hit the submit button, and ChatGPT will reply. The solution is available for you to copy and utilize as you see fit


Odoo ChatGPT Integration increases The ERP Systems functionality by giving users access to ChatGPT’s chatbot services directly from the Odoo ERP environment. To interact with the chatbot seamlessly, ask questions, or get human-like answers, follow the Odoo ChatGPT integration guide on setting up and connecting the ChatGPT API key. This integration improves performance and benefits from superior natural language processing.

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