Odoo ERP Implementation for TGR VENTURES


  • TGR Ventures is a UK-headquartered E-Commerce enterprise that operates across multiple countries including the UK, Spain, USA, Australia, and Thailand. The company facilitates customer orders through a diverse range of E-Commerce websites, managing approximately 14 platforms directly. Additionally, customers can place orders through various marketplace websites or directly with the company. Renowned for their leadership in the regions they operate, TGR Ventures has consistently achieved business success over the course of many years.


  • E-commerce trading with various kinds of Seeds

Solution Provided:

  • Odoo 15 Enterprise complete implementation including integration with over 20 E-Commerce Websites to facilitate sales generation. The implementation encompasses complete delivery and logistics management, tightly integrated with various third-party delivery channels such as DHL, FedEx, and more.
  • Additionally, the setup includes integration with diverse scanning devices and third-party warehouses to effectively oversee outsourced delivery and fulfillment processes.

Apps Implemented:

  • CRM
  • Purchase
  • Inventory
  • Sales
  • Accounting
  • Helpdesk
  • Project etc.

Problem Statement:

  • TGR had been utilizing an outdated ERP system for their daily operations. Still, due to the substantial transaction volume and extensive workload, they struggled to effectively manage areas such as sales, warehouse operations, delivery, purchasing, and fulfillment. This predicament was compounded by the lack of operational insights, revenue visibility, and profitability analysis for the management.
  • Furthermore, a shortage of analytical reports existed, and the predominance of manual tasks resulted in a proliferation of errors during manual interventions

Reason for Choosing Odoo ERP Software:

  • By adopting Odoo, TGR successfully established seamless connectivity with their E-Commerce platforms, enabling streamlined order processing within the Odoo system. They effectively managed payment, delivery, and shipment operations through Odoo. Notably, Odoo facilitated the integration with multiple E-Commerce platforms, a capability that was previously absent.
  • Additionally, Odoo empowered TGR to handle the intricacies of taxation and statutory compliance across various countries, addressing a challenge that had previously been unmet.

BENEFITS of implementing ODOO ERP Software:

  • Proper Order Processing
  • Proper Shipment Tracking
  • Proper payment tracking
  • Proper Purchase and Inventory Control
  • End-to-end traceability on orders and proper back addition to E-Commerce website.
  • Analysis reports