Odoo ERP Implementation of PRO Smart


  • PRO Smart is a distinguished provider of PRO and corporate services in Dubai, UAE. They specialize in simplifying the complexities of business administration, enabling individuals and enterprises to thrive and expand without the encumbrance of intricate regulatory procedures.


  • PRO Services

Problem Statement:

  • Our client, a prominent provider of PRO services in Dubai, faced several challenges:
  • Recording inquiries received by sales personnel and effectively tracking conversion opportunities for future strategic insights.
  • Tracking customer document expiration dates to proactively engage clients for continued service.
  • Monitoring the progress of tasks assigned to teams to ensure timely completion.
  • Accurately recording expenses associated with each project.
  • Streamlining document preparation (e.g., quotations, invoices) to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Managing bank reconciliation processes efficiently.
  • Coordinating internal payment requests seamlessly.

Apps Implemented:

  • CRM
  • Project
  • Sales
  • Accounting
  • Customer Data (Customize)

Reason for Choosing Odoo ERP Software:

  • With a successful history of leveraging Odoo for their previous ventures, the client returned to Odoo to capitalize on its enhanced functionalities tailored to their business needs.

BENEFITS of implementing ODOO ERP Software:

  • Enhanced inquiry tracking and performance analysis of sales personnel, optimizing conversion rates.
  • Improved clarity and ease in project management, facilitating seamless tracking of project progress.
  • Efficient tracking of customer data expiration dates, enabling targeted re-engagement strategies.
  • Enhanced accuracy in accounting reports, providing crucial insights for management and stakeholders.
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